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Length–weight relationship of fishes from the Marmara region (NW-Turkey)
Summary The relation between length (L) and weight (W) was estimated for 32 species representing 12 families of fishes from six water resources in the Marmara region, Turkey. The parameter bExpand
Conversions of Total, Fork and Standard Length Measurements Based on 42 Marine and Freshwater Fish Species (from Turkish Waters)
Relationships between total (TL), fork (FL) and standard (SL) lengths belonging 19 families from Aegean and Marmara coast of Turkey were presented for 42 fish species. The relationships between TL,Expand
Use of bone and otolith measures for size-estimation of fish in predator-prey studies
The results suggest that the biometric relationships between fish length and some bones (pharyngeal, opercula, cleithra) are well suited for use in prey-predator studies of all the studied species, but otoliths and the dorsal and anal spines can be used for some fish species only. Expand
Characteristics of a Eurasian cyprinid, Shemaya, Chalcalburnus chalcoides (Güldenstädt, 1772), in a mesotrophic water reservoir
Abstract Age, growth and reproduction of the Shemaya, Chalcalburnus chalcoides, was studied in the Ömerli Reservoir, a large drinking water system located in Istanbul province (Turkey). The vonExpand
Life History Pattern of an Eurasian Cyprinid, Rhodeus amarus, in a Large Drinking-Water System (Ömerli Dam Lake-Istanbul, Turkey)
Age determination based on opercula readings and validated by scale readings and length frequency analysis shows that population of bitterling has a 5-year life cycle. Expand
A Comparison of Ageing Techniques to Improve Precision of Age Estimation from Fish Scales.
Pul basma metodu yas hesaplamalarinin dogrulugu bakimindan en iyi sonuclari ortaya cikardi yas tayinleri arasindaki uyum, pul basma yonteminde pul temizleme metodundakinden daha iyiydi. Expand
On the Use of Otoliths of a Ponto-Caspian gobiid Proterorhinus marmoratus (Pallas, 1814) from Lake İznik (Turkey) in Prey-Predator Studies
Analyzing the morphometric relationships, it is concluded that otolith length and otolith weight are good indicators of the total length and weight of tubenose goby. Expand
Interannual Variability of Fecundity and Egg Size of an Invasive Cyprinid, Carassius gibelio: Effects of Density-Dependent and Density-Independent Factors
Fecundity increased with age, whereas egg diameter remained unchanged with age and TL, and fecundity was affected positively by TL and negatively by fish density, whereas temperature had no significant effect. Expand
Preference of Zebra Mussel, Dreissena polymorpha in the Diet and Effect on Growth of Gobiids: A Comparative Study Between Two Different Ecosystems
Gobiid fishes are an important consumer of zebra mussel and their predation would affect the mussel populations, especially in the ecosystems where zebraMussel is abundant. Expand