Hasan Çetin Ekerbiçer

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BACKGROUND We aimed to objectively determine whether tamsulosin as an alpha(1)-blocker was effective in patients who had ureterolithiasis located in the lower part of the ureter. METHODS Sixty patients with lower ureteral calculi (juxtavesical or intramural portion) were included in the present study. Conservative treatment, such as hydration and(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate whether tamsulosin, as an alpha(1)-blocker, was effective for the treatment of steinstrasse in the lower ureter after shock wave lithotripsy. METHODS A total of 67 patients (43 men and 24 women) with steinstrasse in the lower portion of the ureters were randomly divided into two groups. Only hydration and tenoxicam (20 mg orally(More)
CDX2 is a homeobox domain-containing transcription factor that is important in the development and differentiation of the intestine. In this study, we examined CDX2 expression in normal and neoplastic human colon using a newly isolated monoclonal antibody. When compared to the intensity observed in adjacent normal mucosal epithelial cells, strong nuclear(More)
BACKGROUND In countries like Turkey where smoking is highly prevalent, children's exposure to tobacco smoke is an important public health problem. The goals of this study were to determine the self-reported environmental tobacco smoke exposure status of primary school students in grades 3 to 5, to verify self-reported exposure levels with data provided from(More)
BACKGROUND Existing studies suggest that music therapy can have favorable effects on hypertension and anxiety. We therefore set out to investigate the effect of Turkish classical music. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether Turkish classical music has positive effects on blood pressures and anxiety levels in elderly patients. DESIGN, SETTING AND SUBJECTS(More)
Our aim was to investigate the association between total serum homocysteine, vitamin B12 and folate levels in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), glucose intolerance and compare them with those of glucose tolerant pregnant women. Serum homocysteine, vitamin B12 and serum folate levels were prospectively measured in a total of 223(More)
PURPOSE To determine the prevalence of anaemia and iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA) in Kahramanmaras, a province in the south-eastern Anatolia. METHODS The study was performed on 1491 persons of both sexes aged 2-69. All were volunteers. Haematological parameters were determined and haemoglobin (Hb) electrophoresis was carried out in all subjects, and only(More)
BACKGROUND Effective noninvasive mechanical ventilation (NIV) requires a patient to be comfortable and in synch with the ventilator, for which sedation is usually needed. Choice of the proper drug for sedation can lead to improved clinical outcomes. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of dexmedetomidine and midazolam on(More)
AIM The aim of the present study was to compare hand grip strength and pinch power, which are important parameters of hand function, in 76 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) (mean age: 50.11+/-7.6) with 47 non-diabetic control subjects (mean age: 46.93+/-10.2). METHODS Grip strength was assessed with a Jamar dynamometer and pinch power was(More)
We described a fetus who is delivered at 32.weeks of gestation by elective cesarian because of the fetal anhydria and unilateral hydronephrosis.A breech coming,1950 gr, 44 cm a newborn was delivered with multiple malformations and postpartum he didn't cry and siyanosis was appeared. After first interventions the newborns respiration didn't start and(More)