Hasanü Ozçaglar

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The functional resemblance between kidney proximal tubular and inner ear epithelial cells which has often been pointed out in the literature led us to hypothesize that nephrotoxic agents that cause renal tubular injury might also impair the function of inner ear cells. As one of the most toxic environmental nephrotoxic agents is cadmium, we aimed to study(More)
Reactive oxygen metabolites are products of oxidative metabolism that are continuously generated in vivo, and are known to produce serious cellular, tissue and genomic damage. l-carnitine is an endogenous amine that has been shown to have an effect on the synthesis of reactive oxygen metabolites. Twenty Wistar rats, 24 months of age, were randomly assigned(More)
The authors report the endoscopic management of a boy with nasal glioma who was only 35 days old. The nasal glioma is a rare congenital nasal abnormality, which manifests as a mass of extracranial cerebral tissue unconnected with the brain. For surgical excision, some surgeons suggest initial craniotomy for excluding intracranial extension. The authors(More)
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