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Two issues are addressed in this paper. Firstly, it investigates some important properties of bidirectional associative memories (BAM) and proposes an improved capacity estimate. Those properties are the encoding form of the input pattern pairs as sell as their decoding, the orthogonality of the pattern pairs, the similarity of associated patterns, and the(More)
— Developing OBDH for satellite should consider the condition of the existing research facilities and resources in an institution. Many OBDH developments have been failed because not considering the capabilities of the institution. Considering to the capabilities of the institution is important, because it is major factor whether building OBDH can be(More)
— Hazard radiation can lead the system fault therefore Fault Tolerance is required. Fault Tolerant is a system, which is designed to keep operations running, despite the degradation in the specific module is happening. Many fault tolerances have been developed to handle the problem, to find the most robust and efficient in the possible technology. This(More)
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