Harveye Kennedy

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Thirty-two patients with high trans-sphincteric or suprasphincteric fistulae underwent fistulotomy without external sphincter division. Fifteen patients had posterior fistulae involving the deep postanal space and 17 patients had anterior fistulae. Primary healing, after removal of the seton, occurred in 25 of the 32 patients (78 per cent). Primary healing(More)
A total of 110 consecutive females who presented in 1987 with primary carcinoma of the breast were staged according to the UICC TNM staging system. Of these, 90 patients had bone scans at presentation, of which seven were positive. The rate of positive initial scans for Stages I-II was 3.5%. Of these only one patient subsequently had bone metastases(More)
Changes in velocity sensitivity, receptive field (RF) position, and RF size were investigated in long oblique penetrations crossing the 17–18 border. The penetrations were histologically reconstructed and the border determined by cytoarchitectonics. In cortex subserving central and paracentral vision change in velocity sensitivity allowed a reasonable(More)
Kennedy, H.E., Jr., 1984. Hardwood growth and foliar nutrient concentrations best in clean cultivation treatments. For. Ecol. Manage ., 8: 117-126. Nine hardwood species were planted at a 3 m by 3 m spacing on a Mississippi River front soil (Aeric Fluvaquents) in western Mississippi and subjected to three intensities of cultural treatments. Because of the(More)
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