Harvey Thompson

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Increasing societal and governmental concern about the worldwide use of chemical pesticides is now providing strong drivers towards maximising the efficiency of pesticide utilisation and the development of alternative control techniques. There is growing recognition that the ultimate goal of achieving efficient and sustainable pesticide usage will require(More)
This article presents a complementary experimental and computational investigation of the effect of viscosity and flowrate on the dynamics of drop formation in the dripping mode. In contrast to previous studies, numerical simulations are performedwith two popular commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) packages, CFX and FLOW-3D, both of which employ(More)
We present Ca II K and Ti II optical spectra of early-type stars taken mainly from the ultraviolet and visual echelle spectrograph (UVES) Paranal Observatory Project, plus H I 21-cm spectra, from the Vila-Elisa and Leiden-Dwingeloo Surveys, which are employed to obtain distances to intermediateand high-velocity clouds (IHVCs). H I emission at a velocity of(More)
We describe medium-resolution spectroscopic observations taken with the ESO Multi-Mode Instrument (emmi) in the Ca ii K line (λair=3933.661Å) towards 7 QSOs located in the line-of-sight to the Magellanic Bridge. At a spectral resolution R= λ/∆λ = 6,000, five of the sightlines have a signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio of∼ 20 or higher. Definite Ca absorption due to(More)
Cloud datacenters are compute facilities formed by hundreds and thousands of heterogeneous servers requiring significant power requirements to operate effectively. Servers are composed by multiple interacting sub-systems including applications, microelectronic processors, and cooling which reflect their respective power profiles via different parameters.(More)
High resolution optical and ultraviolet spectra of two B-type post-Asymptotic Giant Branch (post-AGB) stars in globular clusters, Barnard29 in M13 and ROA5701 in ωCen, have been analysed using model atmosphere techniques. The optical spectra have been obtained with FEROS on the ESO 2.2-m telescope and the 2d-Coudé spectrograph on the 2.7-m McDonald(More)
An analysis of high-resolution Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT)/ University College London Échelle Spectrograph (UCLÉS) optical spectra for the ultraviolet (UV)-bright star ROA5701 in the globular cluster ω Cen (NGC5139) is performed, using nonlocal thermodynamic equilibrium (non-LTE) model atmospheres to estimate stellar atmospheric parameters and chemical(More)
This paper considers gravity-driven flow of thin liquid films over substrates with topography, the non-evaporating case of which has recently been studied experimentally (Decre and Baret 2003) and numerically (Gaskell et al 2003a), and extends the latter to consider the effects of solvent evaporation. In contrast to most previous studies, which have used(More)
Digital infrastructure is becoming more distributed and requiring more power for operation. At the same time, many countries are working to de-carbonise their energy, which will require electrical generation of heat for populated areas. What if this heat generation was combined with digital processing?