Harvey T Swanson

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When awake goats were subjected to isobaric gas switching from saturation (17 hours) on 4.7 atmospheres of nitrogen (0.3 atmosphere of oxygen) to 4.7 atmospheres of helium (0.3 atmosphere of oxygen), bubbles detected by 5-megahertz Doppler ultrasound in the posterior vena cava 20 to 60 minutes after the switch continued for 4 hours. Similar experiments(More)
PURPOSE To measure the buffering capacity of bovine vitreous to HCl, NaOH, and triamcinolone acetonide. METHODS Vitreous was dissected from 10 bovine globes, homogenized, and divided into 5.0-mL aliquots. The carbonate/bicarbonate buffer of the vitreous was maintained by performing all subsequent titrations under an atmosphere of 5% CO2/95% air. The pH(More)
Formulation of safe decompression procedures still requires unproven assumptions regarding both gas equilibration rates and the associated ascent criteria. Although the assumption of symmetry of uptake and elimination rates has been suspect for several years, few data are available. Measurements of actual mixed venous blood nitrogen content [vN2] during(More)
Decompression of awake goats from saturation at 1, 2, and 3 ATA of air has been carried out using ultrasonic Doppler bubble detection, central venous blood inert gas measurement, and cardiac output measurement. The results of these experiments indicate that the decrease in nitrogen elimination rate as an apparent result of decompression cannot be due to(More)
Multiple organ system failure may result from tissue damage caused by activated neutrophils or endotoxin. A significant part of this tissue damage is due to peroxidation induced by oxygen-free radicals and requires iron as a co-factor. Iron chelation has been shown to prevent tissue damage in some models. This experiment was carried out to determine whether(More)
A personal computer based system for data acquisition and analysis appropriate to physiological experiments is described in detail. The system is independent of the details of the analog signal generation. The software, written in C, is modular and easily portable to other PC systems. The system is capable of: (a) sampling many analog signals at an(More)
Bacteremia with resultant damage to multiple organ systems remains a serious problem in intensive care of human patients. We have developed a clinically relevant swine model of sepsis-induced adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Twenty-three animals were given various doses of Pseudomonas aeruginosa intravenously. Low cardiac output septic shock was(More)
A new method for correction of mass spectrometer output signals is described. Response-time distortion is reduced independently of any model of mass spectrometer behavior. The delay of the system is found first from the cross-correlation function of a step change and its response. A two-sided time-domain digital correction filter (deconvolution filter) is(More)
The production of systemic gas bubbles by isobaric counter-equilibration of helium against 5 atmospheres saturated nitrox (0.3 ATA O2 in both mixes) in awake goats was demonstrated. Sixteen animal exposures (8 dives, 2 animals per dive) to a sudden isobaric gas switch from saturation on N2 to He were conducted; 8 saturations occurred at 132 fsw and 8 at 198(More)
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