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The preference for self-correction in the organization of repair in conversation
An "organization of repair' operates in conversation, addressed to recurrent problems in speaking, hearing, and understanding. Several features of that organization are introduced to explicate the
Lectures on Conversation
Volume 1: Fall 1964 - Spring 1965 Fall 1965 Spring 1966 Winter 1967 Spring 1967 Fall 1967 Spring 1968. Volume 2: Fall 1968 Winter 1969 Winter 1970 Spring 1970 Winter 1971 Spring 1971 Fall 1971 Spring
Opening up Closings
Abstract : The paper presents some of the ways that have been developed for dealing with closings in conversation. Earlier work on conversation formulations of several problems that have been
Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking: An Analysis of the Course of a Joke's Telling in Conversation
0.0 In this paper we examine the sequential organization of the telling of a dirty joke in conversation. For the organization of the joke and also of its telling we find that there is a single most