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The methodology of randomized control trials (RCTs) of the primary treatment of early breast cancer has been reviewed using a quantitative method. Sixty-three RCTs comparing various treatment modalities tested on over 34,000 patients and reported in 119 papers were evaluated according to a standardized scoring system. A percentage score was developed to(More)
Despite the Geneva Protocol of 1925 and the Paris Conference on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 1989, sulfur mustard and other chemical weapons continue to pose a hazard to both civilians and soldiers. The presence of artillery shells containing sulfur mustard, both in waters where these shells were dumped and in old battlefields, presents a problem in(More)
There is a controversy over when to release a pneumatic tourniquet after completing a hand surgical procedure. To study this controversy, we performed a standardized operation with tourniquet inflow occlusion on both lower legs of a series of rabbits. Total tourniquet time and the procedure performed, including intraoperative Bovie electrocautery of actual(More)
This multicenter study compared the use of a biosynthetic human skin substitute with frozen human cadaver allograft for the temporary closure of excised burn wounds. Dermagraft-TC (Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc.) (DG-TC) consists of a synthetic material onto which human neonatal fibroblasts are cultured. Burn wounds in 66 patients with a mean age of 36(More)
This report describes the case of a 13-year-old boy who suffered severe burns with inhalation injury during the recreational use of gasoline. Gasoline sniffing is a popular form of solvent abuse for young children and adolescents in isolated, rural communities. In addition to the neurological and physiological complications of gasoline inhalation, gasoline(More)
During burn care the wounds must be repeatedly debrided of adherent and loose debris until the decision is made to surgically excise and graft the wound or to await epithelialization. Though native proteolytic enzymes in the skin or those produced by colonizing bacteria can speed eschar separation, the use of exogenous enzymes for wound debridement may(More)
Patients with sensory deficits are especially prone to heating pad burns. Two cases are reported of patients with anesthetic skin who received partial and full-thickness burns of their feet from an electric heating pad. These burn injuries could have been prevented if the patients understood the potential hazard of heating pads.
A 37-year-old right-handed female sustained a minor electric shock to her right hand while changing a bulb in a Kodak Reliant Intelligent Microfilmer 2000. She noted a progressive onset of parasthesias of her right hand that became associated with throbbing pain at rest, as well as swelling and profound weakness of her hand during the next two months.(More)
The use of aluminium ladders around high voltage power lines has resulted in a significant number of electrical injuries and electrocutions. Workers often misjudge wire distances or lose control of fully extended ladders, thereby exposing themselves to electrocution hazard. High-voltage electrical burns of two workers using an aluminium ladder that(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the safety and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in adult patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) who fail standard of care steroid and antiviral therapy. STUDY DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING An urban tertiary referral center. PATIENTS Nine adult patients presenting with SSNHL from December(More)