Harvey Melnick

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It has been suggested by numerous researchers that the development of conditioned food aversion (CFA) in experimental animals represents the presence of a subjective state of illness. Squirrel monkeys with proven susceptibility to rotation-induced vomiting were given surgical bilateral labyrinthectomies, a procedure known to abolish signs and symptoms of(More)
Seventeen patients with clomiphene-resistant hypothalamic anovulation were given tamoxifen 10 mg per day from cycle day 5 to 9 during two consecutive menstrual cycles. Not included were patients with hyperprolactinemia and PCOD. Treatment was monitored using measurement of follicle size by ultrasound and assessment of serum estradiol. Failure to ovulate(More)
Laryngeal Teflon paste implants are routinely used to lessen the manifestations of unilateral vocal cord paralysis. Although the Teflon paste is not visible on plain radiography, it is detected on CT as a high density area. Computed tomography may be useful as a baseline study to determine the amount and location of the Teflon paste and also to detect(More)
Education and Treatment of Children (ISSN: 0748-8491) is published quarterly Author Information: Education and Treatment of Children (ETC) is devoted to the dissemination of information concerning the development of services for children and youth. A primary criterion for publication is that the material be of direct value to educators and other child care(More)
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