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The authors review histologic findings from 50 cases of heel spur surgery for chronic plantar fasciitis. Findings include myxoid degeneration with fragmentation and degeneration of the plantar fascia and bone marrow vascular ectasia. Histologic findings are presented to support the thesis that "plantar fasciitis" is a degenerative fasciosis without(More)
The medical literature reveals numerous reports of transient taste disturbance associated with the use of oral terbinafine. A review of these reports, however, fails to confirm taste disturbances by formal taste testing. In this article, a case of long-standing taste dysfunction in a patient who exhibited normal formal taste thresholds is described.
A method for obtaining antidromic conduction velocities in the sensory branches of the superficial peroneal nerve at the level of the ankle was evaluated. An essential prerequisite for the study of this nerve is knowledge of its exact topography. The method included the placing of surface recording electrodes directly over the branches of the nerve and(More)
Calcified nodules of the heel have been reported in high-risk neonates following multiple needle sticks to draw blood. Previous reports suggest that the needle stick trauma causes dystrophic calcification. A case of multiple discrete firm heel lesions, which began shortly after birth in an immature-birth weight neonate who had sustained multiple needle(More)