Harvey Hegarty

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Nonenzymatic glycosylation of proteins, as occurs at an accelerated rate in diabetes, can lead to the formation of advanced glycosylation end products of proteins (AGEs), which can bind to endothelial cells, thereby altering cellular function in a manner which could contribute to the pathogenesis of diabetic angiopathy. In this report, we describe the(More)
Lactoferrin and Ig are the major glycosylated proteins in whey preparations from colostrum, milk, nonlactating bovine mammary secretions, and milk collected after intramammary endotoxin challenge. Lactoferrin was isolated from these sources and from bovine mammary tissue (nonlactating) and bovine milk neutrophils. Molecular weight forms of isolated(More)
This paper examines how interactions between government agencies and banking organizations led to the emergence of commercial banking in the Czech Republic and Hungary during the 1990s. We rely on interviews with bank managers at six large banks, government officers, and experts at other organizations to learn how actions based on different political(More)
Immunoperoxidase methods were used to localize secretory component, immunoglobulin A and immunoglobulin G1 in mammary tissue from dairy cows. In lactating tissue, immunostaining for immunoglobulin A and secretory component was observed primarily in the luminal contents of alveoli. By day 2 of involution, alveolar epithelial cells stained for both(More)
The effect of lactoferrin (Lf) on mammary epithelial cell growth in culture was tested in a comparative study of bovine and human Lf. Bovine Lf was inhibitory to growth of a bovine mammary epithelial cell line, both in the presence and absence of fetal bovine serum in the medium. The growth inhibition activity of bovine Lf was not affected by(More)
The ability to synthesize lactose was studied in despersed cell cultures of lactating bovine mammary tissue under conditions of varying cell density, time, glucose, and lactose concentrations. The observable rate of lactose synthesis at a given time in an adequate medium is dependent on individual animal, length of time in culture, and density of cells.(More)
1. Lactoferrin was isolated from bovine mammary secretions collected during the nonlactating period. 2. A method utilizing heparin-agarose affinity chromatography was more efficient for purifying lactoferrin than a method including gel filtration, ion exchange chromatography and a second gel filtration. 3. Analysis by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide(More)
Synthesis of lactoferrin and casein by the bovine mammary gland was determined in an experimental model where lactation was maintained in one mammary half, while involution was induced in the contralateral half. Culture of explants with prolactin had no consistent effect on synthesis of casein or lactoferrin in tissue from either mammary half. Endotoxin and(More)
BACKGROUND A review of theatre activity in all Health Service Executive (HSE) hospitals in Cork and Kerry in 2008 required a manual extraction of theatre activity data from largely paper-based log books. A key data management recommendation suggested that "a standardised computerised theatre log book system be developed in all hospitals in the region". HSE(More)
The potential dangers associated with drinking unpasteurized milk have been highlighted over recent years. Nevertheless, the vast majority of Irish farming families persist in the practice. This qualitative study was undertaken to ascertain the reasons why. It was found that farmers generally believe their milk to be risk free on the basis of 'routine' test(More)