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One of the standard project management tools is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS has been described as " a critical tool for organizing work, building realistic schedules and cost estimates, and reporting/ tracking/ controlling " [1]. The main purpose of creating a WBS is to provide a common approach and framework for cost estimates among all(More)
Our experience at the University of South Florida with the use of personal computers in an undergraduate class in systems programming is described. To illustrate the principles of concurrent processing, we have implemented a simple, compact, multi-tasking kernel in an exceptionally interactive programming environment. The system has evolved over the past(More)
While languages based upon threaded interpretive systems have been used for a variety of applications, these systems have been generally ignored by serious students of programming languages. We describe research here at the University of South Florida where we are investigating the suitability of these systems for implementing a programming environment -(More)
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