Harvey Frank

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An on-line HPLC-ESI-MS-MS method has been developed for determination of glutathione and phytochelatins (PC) in plant tissues. For sample pretreatment, dithiothreitol (DTT) must be added at the very beginning, as an anti-oxidant. Optimization of instrumental conditions i.e. composition of HPLC mobile phase, ionization efficiency of the electrospray(More)
This paper is concerned with the active compensation of the roll eccentricity-induced periodic disturbances in the strip exit thickness of hot and cold rolling mills. The roll eccentricity may be caused by different reasons, like e.g. inexact roll grinding or nonuniform thermal expansion of the rolls. The increasing demands on the thickness tolerances(More)
Microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) with integrated four-electrode capacitively coupled conductivity detection is presented. Conductivity detection is a universal detection technique that is relatively independent on the detection pathlength and, especially important for chip-based analysis, is compatible with miniaturization and on-chip integration.(More)
The status of direct methanol fuel cell technology with respect to power density, efficiency and integrated system operation have been summarized. The key challenge in improving power density is combining with operation at low air flow rates in order to maintain a water balance, and achieve attractive system mass and size. Improved catalysts and membranes(More)
A direct methanol-air fiel cell operating at near atmospheric pressure, low-flow rate air, and at temperatures close to 60°C would tremendously enlarge the scope of potential applications. While earlier studies have reported performance with oxygen, the present study focuses on characterizing the performance of a PEM liquid feed direct methanol-air cell(More)
Numerical experiments with the model chain of the German Weather Service are conducted to find the reasons for the bad performance of the operational precipitation forecast in the case of the Elbe flood in August 2002. The sensitivity to initial and to boundary data as well as to a new precipitation scheme and the horizontal model resolution is inspected.(More)
The In-Space Technology Experiments Program seleoted the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to conduct a Phase A study of the Lithium Battery Fxperirnent. The experiment will mark the first time a rechargeable lithium battery will be flown in space. The operation of the batlery irrvofves lithium deposition and dissolution processes. Micro gravity influences these(More)
Wide bore capillary columns (0.4-0.75 mm ID) can be easily and inexpensively installed in packed column GCs. The analytical advantages cause an expanding market for such capillaries and interconverting hardware kits. It is illustrated with some examples that often individual exposition levels can be determined exactly only by using capillary columns:(More)
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