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Epidemiological studies suggest an association between maternal obesity and adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes in offspring. Our aim was to compare the global proteomic portrait in the cerebral cortex between mice born to mothers on a high-fat or control diet who themselves were fed a high-fat or control diet. Male mice born to dams fed a control (C) or(More)
The Inter-Regional Epidemiological Study of Childhood Cancer (IRESCC) collected interview and medical information relating to the child's past medical experiences from parents of 555 children diagnosed with cancer and parents of 1110 unaffected matched controls. No significant associations emerged overall for ante-natal care, place and mode of delivery,(More)
The Inter-Regional Epidemiological Study of Childhood Cancer included 43 cases of soft tissue and 30 cases of bone sarcomas, together with their 146 matched controls. Analysis of a wide range of aetiological factors revealed few risk factors relating to events during the index pregnancy, the earlier medical experiences of the case child, or parental(More)
Tumours of the central nervous system comprise 23% of all childhood cancers and form the most common group of solid malignancies. Little is know about their aetiology. The present report concerns the results of a case-control study of 78 incident cases of central nervous system tumours in children. No case-control differences were detected for the(More)
Although the MAP kinase-interacting kinases (MNKs) have been known for >15 years, their roles in the regulation of protein synthesis have remained obscure. Here, we explore the involvement of the MNKs in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)-stimulated protein synthesis in cortical neurons from mice. Using a combination of pharmacological and genetic(More)
Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA) has been assessed in clinical trials as part of a "shock and kill" strategy to cure HIV-infected patients. While it was effective at inducing expression of HIV RNA ("shock"), treatment with SAHA did not result in a reduction of reservoir size ("kill"). We therefore utilized a combined analysis of effects of SAHA on the(More)
Linking gender-specific differences to the molecular etiology of obesity has been largely based on genomic and transcriptomic evidence lacking endophenotypic insight and is not applicable to the extracellular fluid compartments, or the milieu intérieur, of the human body. To address this need, this study profiled the whole serum proteomes of age-matched(More)
Collagen structure has been shown to influence tumor cell invasion, metastasis and clinical outcome in breast cancer. However, it remains unclear how it affects other solid cancers. Here we utilized multi-photon laser scanning microscopy and Second Harmonic Generation to identify alterations to collagen fiber structure within the tumor stroma of head &(More)
The Inter-Regional Epidemiological Study of Childhood Cancer (IRESCC) was established to investigate the role of possible aetiological factors in childhood cancer, with particular emphasis on environmental exposures to the foetus and family history of certain diseases including cancer. Incident cases occurring in three Health Service regions (the West(More)