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We present a definition in Prolog of a new purely funtional (applicative) language HASL (HArvey’s StaticLanguage). HASL is a descendant of Turner’s SASL and differs from the latter in several significant points: it includes Abramson’s unification based conditional binding constructs; it restricts each clause in a definition of a HASL function to have the(More)
We use the more abstract term "relational morphology" in place of tile usual "two-level morphology" in order to emphasize an aspect of Koskenniemi's work which has been overlooked in favor of implementation issues using the finite state paradigm, namely, that a mathematical relation can be specified between the lexical and surface levels of a language.(More)
We consider macro processors to be a particular kind of translator writing system rather than simply a mechanism for performing textual replacement. This consideration leads to the application of modern compiler and translator writing system technology to the design and implementation of general macro processors. REGULUS is a general purpose macro processor(More)