Harvey A. Cohen

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Digital radiographs obtained with a CT scanner were evaluated as an alternative to conventional pelvimetry. Dosimetry studies demonstrated an absorbed radiation dose of 22 mrad for each digital radiograph, approximately 3% of the dose for comparable standard radiographs. Distance measurements were accurately made on digital radiographs and axial CT sections(More)
This paper proposes an efficient parallel approach to texture classification for image retrieval. The idea behind this method is to pre-extract texture features in terms of texture energy measurement associated with a 'tuned' mask and store them in a multiscale and multi-orientation texture class database via a two-dimensional linked list for query. Thus,(More)
In thumbnail-based retrieval from image databases the display of any filly featured (FF-) image at a workstation is commonly preceded by its selection from a display of reduced-size, thumbnail image (T-image). The effective implementation of thumbnail-based retrieval requires that the data supplied for the T-image be efficiently utilised i n the production(More)