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The World News Prism: Changing Media of International Communication
This guide to global news media evaluates the processes whereby international news is gathered, distributed and shaped by journalists, news agencies, global publications and broadcasters. It exploresExpand
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“Total Onslaught” against the Press
The persistent tensions between the ruling National party and the press are rooted in South Africa’s turbulent history of long-standing economic, ethnic, and political cleavages. The press,Expand
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The Roots of the Conflict
As immediate as are the tragic difficulties facing the diverse peoples and the press of South Africa, it is important to realize that the causes are embedded in South African history. The further oneExpand
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Muldergate: Covert Efforts to Influence Opinion
Freedom of speech in the West means “the right to lie, deceive, and distort,” the South African minister of foreign affairs, R. F. Botha, told a nationwide television audience in March 1983.1 BothaExpand
Legal Restraints on Newspapers
“South Africa has the freest press in Africa.” Sometimes uttered as a boast by progovernment supporters and sometimes as a grudging admission by government critics, that statement is heard again andExpand
The press and apartheid
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The Afrikaans Press: Freedom within Commitment
For many years Nationalist attempts to muzzle the press were aimed at the English-language opposition newspapers. And it was those papers that virtually single handedly tried to fight off furtherExpand
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Suppression of the Black Press
Black journalists and what is called the black press are at the cutting edge of the confrontation between Afrikaner nationalism and black nationalism. The government’s primary motivation forExpand