Harutaka Takahashi

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The Hinai-dori is a native breed of chicken from the Akita Prefecture in Japan. A cross between the Hinai-dori and Rhode Island Red breeds has been commercialized as the Hinai-jidori chicken, one of the most popular brands of chicken in Japan. Here, a method of discriminating between the Hinai-jidori and other chickens is described. Individuals (555) of the(More)
This study investigated the accuracy of double-mix impressions relative to the time of placing the tray impression material on preparations covered with medium-viscosity silicone. The curing kinetics of the addition-curing silicone impression materials and the accuracy of impressions were investigated. The observed kinetics showed the possibility of the(More)
We construct a dynamic Ricardian model with a nominal exchange rate and trade costs. The model predicts that the nominal wages of the trading countries exhibit stronger positive comovements when the countries fix their bilateral exchange rates, while comovements of real wages are not affected by exchange rate regimes. Our numerical experiments suggest that(More)
An insect's eyes may make up to 40% of its body's surface , and are in danger of being coated by foreign particles such as dust and pollen. To protect them, several insect species possess an array of ocular hairs evenly spaced between each photoreceptor unit. Although these hairs have been observed for over 50 years, their purpose remains a mystery. In this(More)
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