Harut Barsamian

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Current notions on computer architecture vary from the superficial-the shape of the cabinetry (with blinking lights, of course) - to abstract definitions of functional structures for information processing systems. An “orthodox” view of computer architecture underlies all these notions. This session will present a wide range of views on the(More)
The evolution of the 30 years young computer technology can be characterized as a fiercely competitive race for producing faster processors, larger memories and software for managing system resources and solving user problems. The common architectural label predominantly was “general purpose” implying “everything for everybody”,(More)
Is Symbolic processing the messenger of a new era in computing, or is it the newest hype that may eventually survive only in the encyclopedia of information processing as another passing historical reference …? Neither of these extremes however would seem to be the likely fate for symbolic processing. In reality, this technology may become the next(More)
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