Haruo Yoshida

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We searched integrable 2D homogeneous polynomial potential with a polynomial first integral by using the so-called direct method of searching for first integrals. We proved that there exist no polynomial first integrals which are genuinely cubic or quartic in the momenta if the degree of homogeneous polynomial potentials is greater than 4. PACS numbers:(More)
We consider a natural Hamiltonian system of n degrees of freedom with a homogeneous potential. Such system is called partially integrable if it admits 1 < l < n independent and commuting first integrals, and it is called super-integrable if it admits n + l, 0 < l < n independent first integrals such that n of them commute. We formulate two theorems which(More)
We are evaluating the linearity characteristics of digital voltmeters (DVMs) using a programmable Josephson voltage standard (PJVS) system. The PJVS system is composed of a 524 288 junction array and a 10 K compact cooler, which enables to generate an arbitrary output voltage of more than 10 V. The voltage signal output with the PJVS system was applied to(More)
We are developing a compact Zener voltage generating system as a secondary standard of DC voltage. The main unit of the system includes a temperature-controlled Zener diode module driven with a built-in battery. It is detachable from an expansion unit with larger battery packs for longer-time battery operation. This system realizes a compact DC voltage(More)
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