Haruo Toda

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Electrocorticogram (ECoG) is a well-balanced methodology for stably mapping brain surface local field potentials (LFPs) over a wide cortical region with high signal fidelity and minimal invasiveness to the brain tissue. To directly compare surface ECoG signals with intracortical neuronal activity immediately underneath, we fabricated a flexible multichannel(More)
BACKGROUND Taking advantage of developed image technology, it is expected that image presentation would be utilized to promote health in the field of medical care and public health. To accumulate knowledge on biomedical effects induced by image presentation, an essential prerequisite for these purposes, studies on autonomic responses in more than one(More)
Open-loop and closed loop controls in convergence eye movement have been reported by human psycho-physical studies. To investigate the visual cortical involvement in open-loop convergence eye movement, we trained a cat to elicit anticipatory convergence (convergence eye movement before the onset of target movement) by using an approaching visual target with(More)
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