Haruo Shizuka

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The photophysical properties of o-aminoacetophenone (o-AAP) in solution have been studied by using a femtosecond laserÈsingle photon counting system and time-resolved thermal lensing (TRTL) method. The Ñuorescence quantum yield and lifetime of o-AAP depend strongly on the nature of the solvent. In f (qf) nonpolar solvents, o-AAP gives very small values in(More)
The photophysical and photochemical behaviors in the naphthalene derivatives (RX) and benzophenone (BP or X O ) systems have been studied by means of 355-nm laser photolysis techniques in polar media. At the initial event, the triplet energy transfer (TET) occurs from 3BP* to RX in the nanosecond region. It is found that the following reactions occur(More)
The excited triplet-state transient time profiles of 1,4-anthraquinone (1,4-AQ) have been measured in a degassed CCl4 fluid solution at different temperatures near room temperature, together with the steady-state emission spectra, which consist of the S1(n, pi*) and weak S2(pi, pi*) fluorescence at room temperature, and of the T1(pi, pi*) phosphorescence at(More)
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