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Highly migratory marine species can travel long distances and across entire ocean basins to reach foraging and breeding grounds, yet gaps persist in our knowledge of oceanic dispersal and habitat use. This is especially true for sea turtles, whose complex life history and lengthy pelagic stage present unique conservation challenges. Few studies have(More)
BACKGROUND The juvenile stage of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) can last for decades. In the North Pacific Ocean, much is known about their seasonal movements in relation to pelagic habitat, yet understanding their multi-year, basin-scale movements has proven more difficult. Here, we categorize the large-scale movements of 231 turtles satellite(More)
Honmoroko Gnathopogon caerulescens is a critically endangered species and important for commercial fisheries; thus stock enhancement programs are being conducted to restore resources. We evaluated the genetic population structure of field collected samples including spawned eggs around spawning areas in Lake Biwa and the extent of genetic diversity in wild(More)
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