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BACKGROUND Japanese physician training programs are currently not subject to rigorous national standardization. Despite residency restructuring in 2004, little is known about the current work allocation of residents in Japan. AIMS We quantified the amount of time that Japanese junior residents spend in service versus education in the context of caseload,(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate relative values of the intervals between symptom onset and clinical presentation in cancer patients and to correlate them with diagnosis of distant metastasis. METHODS Cancer registry and medical records of all cancer patients for over a 10-year period in a medical center of Japan were reviewed. We examined the intervals(More)
BACKGROUND Although schizophrenic patients have higher mortality than the general nonschizophrenic population, few studies have investigated acute care hospital mortality of schizophrenic patients. METHODS To assess acute care hospital mortality of schizophrenic patients, we analyzed hospital mortality, the risk factors for hospital mortality, and the(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the views of newly graduating physicians on their preparedness for postgraduate clinical training, and evaluated the relationship of preparedness with the educational environment and the pass rate on the National Medical Licensure Examination (NMLE). METHODS Data were obtained from 2429 PGY-1 physicians-in-training (response(More)
A fundamental study on quasi-parallel radiography using a polycapillary plate and a copper-target x-ray tube is described. In the experiments, the tube voltage was regulated from 12 to 22 kV, and the tube current was regulated within 3.0 mA by the filament temperature. The exposure time was controlled in order to obtain optimum x-ray intensity, and the(More)
A 62-year-old man was admitted to our hospital complaining of dysphagia and hoarseness that had persisted for five days. A neurological examination indicated bulbar palsy. Brain magnetic resonance imaging showed thickening of cranial nerves IX, X and XI, in addition to pineal body enlargement with diffuse contrast enhancement. A tumor biopsy overriding the(More)
INTRODUCTION Following the introduction of work-hour restrictions, residents' workload has become an important theme in postgraduate training. The efficacy of restrictions on workload, however, remains controversial, as most research has only examined objective workload. The purpose of this study was to explore the less clearly understood component of(More)
In the plasma flash x-ray generator, a high-voltage main condenser of approximately 200 nF is charged up to 55 kV by a power supply, and electric charges in the condenser are discharged to an x-ray tube after triggering the cathode electrode. The flash x-rays are then produced. The x-ray tube is a demountable triode that is connected to a turbo molecular(More)
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