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The present paper describes a new planar multielectrode array (the MED probe) and its electronics (the MED system) which perform electrophysiological studies on acute hippocampal slices. The MED probe has 64 planar microelectrodes, is covered with a non-toxic, uniform insulation layer, and is further coated with polyethylenimine and serum. The MED probe is(More)
The authors have developed a knee-ankle-foot orthosis with a joint unit that controls knee movements using a microcomputer (Intelligent Orthosis). The Intelligent Orthosis was applied to normal subjects and patients, and gait analysis was performed. In the gait cycle, the ratio of the stance phase to the swing phase was less in gait with the knee locked(More)
Scientific consensus confirmed that coastal marine system is being threatened by anthropogenic global climate change. Aside from temperature rising and ocean acidification, increasing evens of low salinity stress due to extreme heavy rains events and freshwater runoff may be affecting marine organisms. The objective of the present study was to investigate(More)
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