Harun Artuner

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In this study, we present the visualization and clustering capabilities of self-organizing maps (SOM) for analyzing high-dimensional data. SOM were used because they implement the orderly mapping of a high-dimensional distribution onto a regular low-dimensional grid and are thereby able to convert complex nonlinear statistical relationships between(More)
In this study, a 35% phosphoric acid gel (3M Scotchbond etchant), a nonrinse etchant (NRC), and two EDTA-containing conditioners (RC-Prep and File-Eze) were tested in vitro for blocking nerve conductance evoked in the rat sciatic nerve after local application. The phosphoric acid gel and NRC completely and irreversibly inhibited conductance. On the other(More)
Forward and back substitution algorithms are widely used for solving linear systems of equations after performing LU decomposition on the coefficient matrix. They are also essential in the implementation of high performance preconditioners which improve the convergence properties of the various iterative methods. In this paper, we describe an efficient(More)
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