Harumoto Fukuda

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Observers tracked binocular rivalry between a pair of small, foveally viewed gratings whose orientation differed between the 2 eyes. In Experiment 1, a textured annulus surrounding 1 eye's grating increased the total duration of exclusive visibility of the grating only when the grating-annulus separation was less than 0.5 degree. In Experiment 2, observers(More)
GCNBs were prepared by chemical vapor deposition at Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd. The detailed preparation procedure has been reported previously [18]. The structure of GCNBs was studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) (Rigaku, Rint2500), Raman spectroscopy (Jovin-Yvon, T-64 000), and TEM (Hitachi-9000). For the fabrication of GCNB electrodes, each GCNB sample was mixed(More)
How the magnitude of the suppression effect in binocular rivalry is shared within the completely invisible pattern was studied. Accuracy of detecting a target presented in the invisible pattern was measured at each of two positions of the target combined with two positions of the fixation point. The target which was presented at the periphery of the(More)
Efficient removal of chlorine from PVC achieved by two-stage heat-treatment (280 and 410 degrees C) provided chlorine-free isotropic pitch containing additive. The pitch was stabilized and carbonized into porous carbons with surface areas of approximately 300 m2/g. Resultant porous carbons showed three pore structures of supermicropore, micropore and(More)
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