Harumi Maeda

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We applied mobile computing to community support and explored mobile computing with a large number of terminals. This article reports on the Second International Conference on Multiagent Systems (ICMAS'96) Mobile Assistant Project that was conducted at an actual international conference for multiagent systems using 100 personal digital assistants (PDAs) and(More)
In this paper, we present a new approach based on knowledge medium using associative representation as a framework of information representation to gather raw information from vast information sources and to integrate it into information bases cost-eectively. We then present a knowledge media information base system called CM-2 which provides users with a(More)
We have proposed an information representation called weak information structures which connects a wide variety of information media such as natural language texts, hypertexts and images without dening the semantics rigorously to integrate heterogeneous information. We have set a hypothesis that \the weak information structures are easy to generate from raw(More)
  • Harumi Maeda, Masao Kajihara, Hidekazu Adachi, Atsushi Sawada, Hideaki Takeda, Toyoaki Nishida
  • 1998
We discuss the requirements for information sharing in community. We propose the weak information structures to integrate heterogeneous information such as static information (e.g. local sites information) and dynamic information created in word-of-mouth communication. We have developed a system using the weak information structures for community(More)
A 46-year-old man with untreated type 2 diabetes visited our hospital. His plasma glucose and HbA 1c levels were 429 mg/dL and 11.5%, respectively. He had no renal dysfunction. Insulin therapy (18 units aspart and 22 units biphasic insulin aspart 30/70) was initiated, and the HbA 1c level improved (5.7–6.4%). One year later, he started experiencing frequent(More)
  • Harumi Maeda, Masao Kajihara, Hidekazu Adachi, Atsushi Sawada, Hideaki Takeda, Toyoaki Nishida
  • 2007
This paper demonstrates the eectiveness of the weak information structure for human information sharing. The weak information structure is an information representation which connects various information media without dening the semantics rigorously. By leaving the interpretation of the semantics to tacit human background knowledge, it becomes compact and(More)