Haruko Mamiya

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PhotoelasticTouch is a novel tabletop system designed to intuitively facilitate touch-based interaction via real objects made from transparent elastic material. The system utilizes vision-based recognition techniques and the photoelastic properties of the transparent rubber to recognize deformed regions of the elastic material. Our system works with elastic(More)
We present our new interaction technique for tabletop system and video game application using it. This technique is for recognizing a pinching gesture performed with the thumb and forefinger and tapping gestures with them by a ceiling camera above the table. The positions and orientations of multiple gestures are recognized at 200Hz, and the users around(More)
1. Background and Purpose of this project Since ancient times, many people in the world loves a ball as an entertainment equipment. Design of the ball has been established and sophisticated as sport equipment used in soccer and baseball, in the sports that many people enjoy enthusiastically. Recently, a technical breakthrough has transformed the ball.(More)
A novel tabletop entertainment system that allows simultaneous interactions by multiple participants was developed. The newly developed interaction technique of this system recognizes a pinching gesture performed with the thumb and forefinger. This gesture recognition technique enables rapid response and high degree-of-freedom input for the players.
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