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Since hospital data include temporal trends of clinical symptoms and medical services, we can discover not only knowledge about temporal evolution of disease, but also one about medical practice from hospital information system, which will lead to data-oriented hospital management. This paper proposes temporal data mining process and applied the method to(More)
This paper proposes an active mining process for improvement of quality of clinical process by using service logs in a hospital information system. First, datasets of temporal change of the number of orders are extracted from service logs stored in hospital information system. Then, since datsets of temporal change can be viewed as time-series of a(More)
This paper proposes a method which induces a clinical pathway by using sample and attribute clustering of the histories of nursing orders stored in hospital information system. The method consists of the following five steps: first, frequencies of nursing orders are extracted from hospital information system. Second, orders are classified into several(More)
A hospital information system (HIS) was introduced about twenty years ago and all the clinical environment has been dramatically changed [1]-[3]. HIS stores all the histories of clinical activities in a hospital, such as electronic patient records, laboratory data, x-ray photos, and so on. The advantage of HIS is that all the data are input through the(More)