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An IP virtual private network using IPsec (IPsecVPN) has begun to be used as a forwarding base for cloud services. Cloud computing architecture is evolving into an inter-cloud structure that enables many cloud services to connect to each other freely. IPsecVPN applied to cloud services will increase in complexity along with the evolving cloud architecture.(More)
Although explicit memory management is necessary to implement low-level software such as operating systems and language runtime systems, it is prohibited by conventional strictly typed programming languages because it violates the type preservation of memory regions, a property that ensures the type safety of programs. The alias type system allows explicit(More)
This paper presents a system that can automatically add a soundtrack to a video clip by replacing and concatenating an existing song's musical bars considering a user's preference. Since a soundtrack makes a video clip attractive, adding a soundtrack to a clip is one of the most important processes in video editing. To make a video clip more attractive, an(More)
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