Haruki Kanamori

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On the premise of future improvement of information infrastructures, we proposed a multi-agent based protection scheme for distribution systems with high penetration of distributed generators (DGs). In the proposed protection scheme, various relays designed as relay agents cooperate to locate and isolate fault zone. Binary state signal, e.g. current(More)
The function(s) and RNA binding properties of vigilin, a ubiquitous protein with 14 KH domains, remain largely obscure. We recently showed that vigilin is the estrogen-inducible protein in polysome extracts which binds specifically to a segment of the 3' untranslated region (UTR) of estrogen-stabilized vitellogenin mRNA. In order to identify consensus mRNA(More)
To better understand genome structure and the expression of α/β-gliadin multigenes in hexaploid wheat, bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones containing α/β-gliadin genes from the three loci, Gli-A2, Gli-B2, and Gli-D2, were screened. Based on their restriction fragment patterns, we selected five BAC clones, namely, two clones for Gli-A2, two clones(More)
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