Haruka Nakayama

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The present work evaluated the reproducibility and variance of the cerebral blood flow (CBF) response to natural whisker stimulation in the barrel cortex of awake behaving mice. The animal was placed on an air float ball that allowed the animal to walk, while the head of the animal was fixed in a custom-made stereotactic apparatus. Dynamic CBF changes in(More)
This paper describes the effect of drug viscosity on the performance of gas powered liquid jet injectors. The analysis is accomplished utilizing a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model that obtains the stagnation pressure at the nozzle outlet. The technique is based on previous work used to predict gas power driven injector piston velocity with time. The(More)
Forensic medicine provides fundamental human rights, public safety and nation's welfare to make a fair judgment on the items on the law which requires the medical knowledge. Education of forensic medicine is included forensic medicine in a narrow sense and medical law. Purpose of education in forensic medicine is to provide students opportunity to study the(More)
Continued challenge for higher-performance semiconductor device requires the controlled doping of single-dopant atom to control the electrical properties. Here we report the fabrication of semiconductors with both dopant number and position controlled by using a one-by-one doping technique, which we call "single-ion implantation (SII)". This technique(More)
A broad band RF cavity loaded with magnetic alloy cores has been developed for the Japanese Hadron Facility synchrotrons. Its Q-value can be chosen at between 0.5 and 5. To reduce transient beam loading effects, a small Q-value (< 3) is preferable to shorten the transient period. However, the circulating beam current of up to 7 A will induce a spurious(More)
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