Haruka Morita

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Plant growth and development are sustained by continuous cell division in the meristems, which is perturbed by various environmental stresses. For the maintenance of meristematic functions, it is essential that cell division be coordinated with cell differentiation. However, it is unknown how the proliferative activities of the meristems and the(More)
Post embryonic growth of plants depends on cell division activity in the shoot and root meristems, in conjunction with subsequent cell differentiation. Under environmental stress conditions, where plant growth is moderately impaired, the meristematic activity is maintained by mechanisms as yet unknown. We previously showed that the rice protein RSS1, whose(More)
The process of creating a geographically tailored health information website with ongoing feedback from community members is one of inquiry and discovery, frustration and triumph, and development and reevaluation. This article reviews the development and implementation of GetHealthyHarlem.org, a health literacy level-appropriate consumer health information(More)
Extreme heat is one of the most important global causes of weather-related mortality, and climate change is leading to more frequent and intense heat waves. Recent epidemiologic findings on heat-related health impacts have reinforced our understanding of mortality impacts of extreme heat and have shown a range of impacts on morbidity outcomes including(More)
There is strong evidence of an association between fine particulate matter less than 2.5 μm (PM2.5) in aerodynamic diameter and adverse health outcomes. This study analyzes the global excess mortality attributable to the aviation sector in the present (2006) and in the future (three 2050 scenarios) using the integrated exposure response model that was also(More)
The current work describes the marked rate of acceleration caused by phosphine ligands on the rhodium-catalyzed dehydrogenative silylation and germylation of unactivated C(sp(3))-H bonds. The reactivity was affected by the steric and electronic nature of the phosphine ligands. The use of the bulky and electron-rich diphosphine ligand (R)-DTBM-SEGPHOS was(More)
While cyclopropanes have been explored as synthetically valuable building blocks, their transformation without conjugated substituents or directly substituted heteroatoms remains challenging. The current study describes the iridium-catalysed ring-opening hydrosilylation of cyclopropanes. A nitrogen-based directing group was found to control the reactivity(More)
The use of health communication extends beyond simply promoting or disseminating a particular product or proposed behavior change; it involves the systematic and strategic integration and execution of evidence-based, theory-driven, and community engagement strategies. Much like in public health intervention design based on health behavior theory, health(More)
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