Haruka Miyatake

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To offer appropriate information, predicting driver's behavior is effective because we can show information only when they are useful, such as missing stops or cross to turn. But driver's behavior depends on his or her mental states, so it is better to predict driver's behavior considering his or her states. In this paper we focused on driver's "hasty(More)
Two new diterpene rhamnosides, mimosasides B and C (1, 2) were isolated together with mimosaside A (3), a known diterpene rhamnoside (4), four known flavones (5-8), five known flavanones (9-13), and four known chalcones (14-17) from the leaves and twigs of a Brazilian medicinal plant, Mimosa hostilis.
Purification of polar fractions from cacao liquor extracts gave 17 phenolics including four new compounds. The new compounds were characterized as a C-glycosidic flavan, an O-glycoside of a dimeric and two O-glycosides of trimeric A-linked proanthocyanidins, on the basis of spectroscopic data. Isolated polyphenols showed inhibitory effects on nicotinamide(More)
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