Haruka Kudo

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In a study of the possible introduction of Japanese field vole (Microtus montebelli) and Hungarian voles (M. arvalis) as herbivorous experimental animals, the following biological characteristics were investigated: breeding and reproductive performance; bacterial flora and fermentation in the digestive tracts; and nutritional physiology. The animals are(More)
Microtus species are very useful as experimental small animals with herbivorous characteristics. In this report, to approach establishment of the use of Japanese field voles (M. montebelli) and Hungarian voles (M. arvalis) as experimental animals, the biological characteristics, breeding methods and reproductive performance of these animal species were(More)
We evaluated the panel D-15 test under reduced illumination in subjects with color vision deficiency and in normal subjects. Forty subjects with color vision deficiency (3 protanopes, 10 protanomalies, 10 deuteranopes, 7 extreme deuteranomalies and 10 deuteranomalies) and 10 normal subjects were the subjects for the experiment. Seven light levels ranging(More)
Konjac-mannan has been suggested to exert a protective effect against visceral obesity. However, there is little knowledge about the effects of liquid konjac (LK) that is partially alkali gelled. The purpose of the present work was to evaluate the potential beneficial effects of a LK powder on obesity in mice. Male C57BL/6J mice were fed a high-fat diet(More)
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