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Cell proliferation in the adult mammalian brain is maintained at a low rate, but cell proliferation in the adult fish brain is prominent. To compare the distribution of proliferating cells among fish species, mutants, and under different growing environments, we mapped the zones of cell proliferation in the adult medaka (Oryzias latipes) brain and(More)
Social familiarity affects mating preference among various vertebrates. Here, we show that visual contact of a potential mating partner before mating (visual familiarization) enhances female preference for the familiarized male, but not for an unfamiliarized male, in medaka fish. Terminal-nerve gonadotropin-releasing hormone 3 (TN-GnRH3) neurons, an(More)
Immediate-early genes (IEGs) are useful for mapping active brain regions in various vertebrates. Here we identified a c-fos homologue gene in medaka and demonstrated that the amounts of c-fos transcripts and proteins in the medaka brain increased in relation to an artificially evoked seizure, suggesting that the homologue gene has the characteristics of(More)
Three horses were trained with a discrimination task in which the color (blue or yellow) of a center panel signaled the correct (left or right) response (lever press). Reinforcing outcomes for the two correct color-position combinations (blue-left and yellow-right) were varied across phases. Discrimination performance was better when the combinations were(More)
BACKGROUND In animal groups such as herds, schools, and flocks, a certain distance is maintained between adjacent individuals, allowing them to move as a cohesive unit. Proximate causations of the cohesive and coordinated movement under dynamic conditions, however, have been poorly understood. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We established a novel and(More)
Neuropeptides have important roles in modulating behavioral patterns such as social interaction. With the aim to determine the presence of neuropeptides known to be involved in social interaction as well as novel peptides, we used MALDI-TOF/MS to analyze neuropeptide profiles in some medaka brain regions. In the telencephalon, hypothalamus, and pituitary(More)
Five experimentally naive albino rats were placed under a nondiscriminated lever-press avoidance schedule in which the delay to the next shock for responses after a shock was longer than the delay for responses after a response. Four rats acquired the postshock response pattern and maintained it for a prolonged period. The results revealed that postshock(More)
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