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The number of diabetic patients has recently been increasing worldwide. Thus, the discovery of potential diabetic biomarker(s), leading to the early detection and/or prevention of diabetes mellitus,(More)
Confirmed biomarkers of postmortem cerebrospinal fluid (pCSF) are used to differentiate between Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients and healthy seniors with high diagnostic accuracy. However, the(More)
L-Pyroglutamic acid (L-PGA) was evaluated as a chiral labeling reagent for the enantioseparation of chiral amines in terms of separation efficiency by reversed-phase chromatography and detection(More)
The presence of specific volatile and aminothiols in wine is associated with quality, worth, price, and taste. The identification of specific thiol-containing compounds in various wines has been(More)
This paper reports the synthesis and the application of novel derivatization reagents possessing a pyridylthiourea structure for the enantiospecific determination of chiral amines and carboxylic(More)