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Diagnostic approach to breast cancer patients based on target metabolomics in saliva by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry.
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is one of the most fearful diseases due to its increasing worldwide prevalence. A number of screening tests has been employed including clinical examinations and mammography.Expand
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High-throughput LC-MS/MS based simultaneous determination of polyamines including N-acetylated forms in human saliva and the diagnostic approach to breast cancer patients.
The determination of polyamines and their N-acetylated forms was performed by ultraperformance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS). The polyamines efficientlyExpand
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Practical analytical approach for the identification of biomarker candidates in prediabetic state based upon metabonomic study by ultraperformance liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray
The number of diabetic patients has recently been increasing worldwide. Thus, the discovery of potential diabetic biomarker(s), leading to the early detection and/or prevention of diabetes mellitus,Expand
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Chiral amines as reagents for HPLC-MS enantioseparation of chiral carboxylic acids.
Mass spectrometry (MS) has become a popular analytical technique because of its high sensitivity and specificity. Therefore, the use of a chiral derivatization reagent for the MS detection seems toExpand
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Derivatization of chiral carboxylic acids with (S)-anabasine for increasing detectability and enantiomeric separation in LC/ESI-MS/MS.
A simple and practical derivatization procedure for increasing the detectability and enantiomeric separation of chiral carboxylic acids in LC/ESI-MS/MS has been developed. (S)-Anabasine (ANA) wasExpand
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Metabolomics approach of infant formula for the evaluation of contamination and degradation using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.
In this study including the field of metabolomics approach for food, the evaluation of untargeted compounds using HILIC-ESI/TOF/MS and multivariate statistical analysis method is proposed for theExpand
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Simultaneous determination of dl-lactic acid and dl-3-hydroxybutyric acid enantiomers in saliva of diabetes mellitus patients by high-throughput LC–ESI-MS/MS
AbstractA simultaneous determination method for the enantiomers of chiral carboxylic acids by the combination of ultraperformance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (UPLC–MS/MS) has beenExpand
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Biomarker discovery in biological specimens (plasma, hair, liver and kidney) of diabetic mice based upon metabolite profiling using ultra-performance liquid chromatography with electrospray
BACKGROUND The number of diabetic patients has recently been increasing worldwide. Diabetes is a multifactorial disorder based on environmental factors and genetic background. In many cases, diabetesExpand
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Novel chiral derivatization reagents possessing a pyridylthiourea structure for enantiospecific determination of amines and carboxylic acids in high-throughput liquid chromatography and
This paper reports the synthesis and the application of novel derivatization reagents possessing a pyridylthiourea structure for the enantiospecific determination of chiral amines and carboxylicExpand
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Relative quantification of enantiomers of chiral amines by high-throughput LC-ESI-MS/MS using isotopic variants of light and heavy L-pyroglutamic acids as the derivatization reagents.
L-Pyroglutamic acid (L-PGA) was evaluated as a chiral labeling reagent for the enantioseparation of chiral amines in terms of separation efficiency by reversed-phase chromatography and detectionExpand
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