Haruhiko Suwa

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This paper proposes a new when-to-schedule policy in reactive scheduling, which considers timing of schedule revision based on the concept of a control limit policy. Under the proposed policy, schedule revision is carried out based on a cumulative task delay which can be a measure to determine suitable timing of schedule revision. Some computational(More)
This paper proposes a new critical chain scheduling method in project management. The authors have already proposed a theoretical model, which provides an optimal total size of dummies to be inserted in the initial baseline schedule of a given project. Dummies, which are occasionally referred to as buffer, are useful to absorb schedule delays caused by a(More)
Machine tools, in general, consume approximately 70% of total energy consumption in factory. Eco-machining is becoming more crucial technology as rapid increase in demand for heavy duty machining a with higher material removable rate. It is naturally imperative to to develop a model and method that can precisely predict the energy consumption in machining(More)
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