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The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical infrastructure in the Internet; thus, monitoring its traffic, and protecting DNS from malicious activities are important for security in cyberspace. However, it is often difficult to determine whether a DNS query is caused by malicious or normal activity, because information available in DNS traffic is limited.We(More)
To quantitate endogenous nitrosation reactions in man, the quantity of N-nitrosoproline (NPRO) excreted in the urine after ingestion of proline and/or nitrate was estimated. When this monitoring method (NPRO test) was applied in clinical and field studies, several hitherto unidentified N-nitroso compounds were frequently detected. These were recently(More)
The effects of axial traction stress on intradiscal hydration, solute transport and proteoglycan synthesis were examined in 658 porcine coccygeal intervertebral discs in vitro. Measurements were performed in three tissue fractions: nucleus pulposus, inner and outer annulus fibrosus. At 0.80 MPa traction stress, the equilibrium hydration did not change in(More)
We propose a way to wrap both Web information spaces and pervasive data environments by providing a uniform view of databases. Search result of search engines and processing results of several Web search services are wrapped and viewed as "virtual tables" of relational databases. The device manipulation environment and data captured by those devices are(More)
  • Y. Glupczynski, A. Rosenau, +34 authors R. J. Royer
  • 2008
DETECTION AND IDENTIFICATION OF CAMPYLOBACTER PYLORI FROM GASTRIC BIOPSY SPECIMENS Y. GLUPCZYNSKI Department of Clinical Microbiology, Brugmann University Hospital, 1020 Brussels, Belgium. The diagnosis of Campylobacter pylori associated-gastritis can be made either by histological or microbiological examination of gastric biopsy specimens. Several staining(More)
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