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The term 'sake yeast' is generally used to indicate the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains that possess characteristics distinct from others including the laboratory strain S288C and are well suited for sake brewery. Here, we report the draft whole-genome shotgun sequence of a commonly used diploid sake yeast strain, Kyokai no. 7 (K7). The assembled sequence(More)
In our research, CF<sub>3</sub>I which has a low environmental impact was investigated as a substitute gas for SF<sub>6</sub>. Global warming potential of CF<sub>3</sub>I is less than 5 and the ozone depleting potential is near to zero. Additionally, CF<sub>3</sub>I has a dielectric strength that is higher than SF<sub>6</sub>. But, pure CF<sub>3</sub>I(More)
— In order to give some insight into a role of small impurities on the electron motion in microscopic devices, we examine from a general viewpoint, the effect of small obstacles on a particle motion at low energy inside microscopic bounded regions. It will be shown that the obstacles disturb the electron motion only if they are weakly attractive.
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