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Metabolism, growth, and the assimilation of energy and materials are essential processes that are intricately related and depend heavily on animal size. However, models that relate the ontogenetic scaling of energy assimilation and metabolism to growth rely on assumptions that have yet to be rigorously tested. Based on detailed daily measurements of(More)
The relative sensitivities of the olfactory receptors in the antenna and maxillary palp of the fleshfly, Neobellieria bullata, were assessed using simultaneous electroantennograms (EAGs) and electropalpograms (EPGs). In general, the antennae and maxillary palps were more sensitive to odors related to animals (blood extract and saturated carboxylic acid)(More)
Cation-chloride cotransporters, including the Na-K-Cl cotransporter, play an important role in epithelial ion transport in insects. We have determined the tissue distribution of Manduca sexta bumetanide sensitive cotransporter (masBSC), a putative Na-K-Cl cotransporter that was originally cloned from M. sexta Malpighian tubules. We developed a polyclonal(More)
Although the use of grant proposals and blind peer review are standard in the natural sciences, their use as a pedagogical tool is rarely mentioned in the literature. As a consequence of dissatisfaction with term papers and literature reviews as the capstone writing experience in 300-level undergraduate biology courses, I have been experimenting with mock(More)
1. The physiology and morphology of olfacto-ry interneurons in the brain of larval Manduca sexta were studied using intracellular recording and staining techniques. Antennal olfactory receptors were stimulated with volatile substances from plants and with pure odorants. Neurons responding to the stimuli were investigated further to reveal their response(More)
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