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We consider the problem of computing additively approximate Nash equilibria in non-cooperative two-player games. We provide a new polynomial time algorithm that achieves an approximation guarantee of 0.36392. We first provide a simpler algorithm, that achieves a 0.38197-approximation, which is exactly the same factor as the algorithm of Daskalakis, Mehta(More)
Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE) is a polyetiologic age-dependent neurological disorder. We present two patients with EIEE whose mothers experienced electric injury during pregnancy. After the accident one mother noticed decreased fetal movements. Neither other prenatal factors nor intrapartal damage or postnatally examined structural,(More)
A new Monte-Carlo program for simulation image formation in scanning electron microscopy for real three-dimensional use is presented; factors of image distortions are realized in the program, in respect of future photogrammetric evaluation. A first attempt for generating a 3D-analysis of simulated images is shown. 1. Introduction For rendering images of(More)
Our main result is that every n-dimensional polytope can be described by at most 2n − 1 polynomial inequalities and, moreover, these polynomials can explicitly be constructed. For an n-dimensional pointed polyhedral cone we prove the bound 2n − 2 and for arbitrary polyhedra we get a constructible representation by 2n polynomial inequalities.
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