Hartwall Lahti

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A slowly increasing ptiloerection was seen after the intrahypothalamic injections of NA; 5-HT was followed by preening and subsequent rapid feather fluffing, and carbachol produced an immediate sleeking of feathers. The naturally occurring complementary relationship between shivering thermogenesis and ptilomotion diminished or disappeared after the drugs,(More)
Continuous fermentation requires fast and precise response to any changes in process conditions. Nowadays control systems are either lacking or inadequate for this purpose. This paper introduces a model-based system for detecting operating conditions. The system based on the Linguistic Equation (LE) approach was developed and tested in immobilized yeast(More)
The involvement of the noradrenergic system in hypothermia induced by intrahypothalamically-injected carbachol (CCh) was studied by depleting hypothalamic noradrenaline (NA) with the catecholamine neurotoxin 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) and repeating the CCh injections after 6-OHDA treatment. The results suggest that noradrenergic neurons may be involved in(More)
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