Hartmut Wittke

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Live Sequence Charts (LSCs) are an established visual formalism for requirements in formal, model-based development, in particular aiming at formal verification of the model. The model-checking problem for LSCs is principally long solved as each LSC has an equivalent LTL formula, but even for moderate sized LSCs the formulae grow prohibitively large. In(More)
Im folgenden wird der Einsatz eines Prototypen zur formalen Verifikation von ASCET-SD-Modellen im Kontext der aktuell von BMW entwickelten Aktivlen-kung [EPK + 02] geschildert. Der Prototyp wurde zur¨Uberprüfung sicherheitsrelevan-ter Eigenschaften der Abschaltlogik verwendet, welche ein zentraler Bestandteil der Steuerung der Aktivlenkung ist.
This paper presents how a model-based development process can be enhanced by the combination of using Live Sequence Charts (LSC) as the formal language to describe interactions together with automatic formal verification techniques that decide whether communication sequences are exhibitable or adhered to by the system. We exemplify our approach on the(More)
In recent years, photodynamic therapy (PDT) has shown much promise for the local and selective destruction of malignant tumours. Although tumour destruction is believed to be mediated through the production of highly reactive intermediate singlet oxygen by photoactivated hematopor-phyrins (Weishaupt et al., 1986), considerable evidence has accumulated to(More)
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