Hartmut Vogt

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We present a three-dimensional anatomical computer model of the terminal branches of the middle cerebral artery, acquired from equidistant serial anatomical slices of three brains. The reconstructions provide a clear picture from all angles of the complicated course of the terminal branches of the cerebral arteries, which can help to identify them on(More)
OBJECTIVE Preterm birth is associated with respiratory morbidity later in life, including asthma. Previous studies have mainly focused on asthma in early childhood in children born extremely preterm. In this study, we examined the risk of asthma in a national cohort of schoolchildren grouped according to degree of immaturity expressed as completed(More)
Of late, decrease in mineral oil supplies has stimulated research on use of biomass as an alternative energy source. Climate change has brought problems such as increased drought and erratic rains. This, together with a rise in land degeneration problems with concomitant loss in soil fertility has inspired the scientific world to look for alternative(More)
Cord blood IgE has previously been studied as a possible predictor of asthma and allergic diseases. Results from different studies have been contradictory, and most have focused on high-risk infants and early infancy. Few studies have followed their study population into adulthood. This study assessed whether cord blood IgE levels and a family history of(More)
A statistical method is described to show the distribution of neuroanatomical structures within a Cartesian coordinate system from any given number of examinations. The algorithm is based on polygons derived from the outlines of neuroanatomical structures in parallel canthomeatal-orientated cutting planes. These polygons are transformed in virtual voxels,(More)
BACKGROUND The arterial system of the upper extremities in man shows drastic developmental changes and many individual variations related to interspecific variations in primates. The ontogenetic development in Tupaia was examined from the viewpoint of comparative embryology. METHODS Histological specimens of 39 embryos were observed and reconstructed in(More)
Asthma, a huge burden on millions of individuals worldwide, is one of the most important public health issues in many countries. As genetic and environmental factors interact, asthma may be programmed very early in life, perhaps even in utero. The aim of this thesis was to assess the impact of gestational age, cord blood immunoglobulin E (IgE), a family(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the effect of repositioning, systematic displacements of the region of interest (ROI), and acquisition parameters (scan mode and integration time) on quantitative analysis of human trabecular bone microstructure at various skeletal sites, using microcomputed tomographic (μCT) technology. We investigated 28 cylindrical(More)