Hartmut Strempel

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1. Four human subjects were rendered hyperthermic and hypothermic by immersion in warm and cool water, at 02.00, 08.00, 14.00 and 20.00 hr. Bath and oesophageal temperatures and pulse rate were recorded. Temperature preference was determined by operant behaviour and vote. The core temperature set-point for behavioural thermoregulation was estimated from the(More)
Conventional adhesive ointments cause irritation to the mucous membranes. Therefore, a novel mucosal adhesive ointment based partly on neutralized polymethacrylic acid methyl ester was formulated. The flow curves of the ointment vehicle showed pseudoplastic properties. The rheological behavior as well as the adhesion on the mucosal membrane could be varied(More)
This paper describes a comparison of port-wine-stain treatment using a flashlamp-pumped dye laser and a high-energy gas discharge lamp. This was a controlled trial in which 32 patients had one area of their port-wine stain treated with the dye laser and another area treated with the gas discharge lamp. Statistical comparison of the results using both(More)
A novel mucosal adhesive ointment on the base of partly neutralized polymethacrylic acid methyl ester (Eudispert) was formulated. The flow curves of the ointment show a pseudoplastic quality without any thixotropic effect. The viscosity depended on the kind and concentration of the base. During the clinical studies the pure ointment as well as a(More)
Hintergrund. Die Behandlung der Trichiasis wurde bisher entweder chirurgisch oder elektrokaustisch durchgeführt. Auch erste Versuche mit dem Argonlaser hatten nur diesen Effekt. Gemäß dem Prinzip der selektiven Photothermolyse haben wir einen Behandlungsversuch mit einem Diodenlaser vorgenommen. Die Effektivität sollte überprüft werden. Diese Untersuchung(More)
  • H. Strempel
  • 2004
Ten healthy subjects were exposed to a single cold pain stimulus at one hand on each of 21 successive days. In order to follow up the subjective adaptation every other day an abbreviated version of the McGill-Pain-Questionnaire was issued. The initially wide spread protopathic irradiation of cold pain sensation was decreased by adaptation to a strictly(More)
BACKGROUND Various methods have been used in the treatment of trichiasis: epilation, excision, cryosurgery, thermocaustic needle, and argon laser. None of these is satisfactory. Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis for destroying specifically the hair follicle, we used a diode laser and evaluated its efficacy. MATERIAL AND METHODS Nineteen(More)
38 healthy subjects 22–28 years of age underwent the cold-pressortest seven times on each of 21 consecutive days always at the same time of day. The subjective sensations of cold pain and the objective circulatory reactions were registered. There was observed only a very distinct subjective cold pain habituation from one exposition to the other. The(More)