Hartmut Stöcker

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We have calculated the D-meson spectral density at finite temperature within a self-consistent coupled-channel approach that generates dynamically the Λ c (2593) resonance. We find a small mass shift for the D-meson in this hot and dense medium while the spectral density develops a sizeable width. The reduced attraction felt by the D-meson in hot and dense(More)
We obtain the D-meson spectral density at finite temperature for the conditions of density and temperature expected at FAIR. We perform a self-consistent coupled-channel calculation taking, as a bare interaction, a separable potential model. The Λc (2593) resonance is generated dynamically. We observe that the D-meson spectral density develops a sizeable(More)
Different physical vapor deposition methods have been used to fabricate strontium titanate thin films. Within the binary phase diagram of SrO and TiO 2 the stoichiometry ranges from Ti rich to Sr rich, respectively. The crystallization of these amorphous SrTiO 3 layers is investigated by in situ grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction using synchrotron(More)
The disinfection of bacteria by thermally excited pyroelectric materials in aqueous environments provides opportunities for the development of new means of sanitization. However, little is known about the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) at the surface of the thermally excited pyroelectric materials. To investigate the pyroelectrically driven ROS(More)
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