Hartmut Stöcker

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We have calculated the D-meson spectral density at finite temperature within a self-consistent coupled-channel approach that generates dynamically the Λ c (2593) resonance. We find a small mass shift for the D-meson in this hot and dense medium while the spectral density develops a sizeable width. The reduced attraction felt by the D-meson in hot and dense(More)
We obtain the D-meson spectral density at finite temperature for the conditions of density and temperature expected at FAIR. We perform a self-consistent coupled-channel calculation taking, as a bare interaction, a separable potential model. The Λc (2593) resonance is generated dynamically. We observe that the D-meson spectral density develops a sizeable(More)
Different physical vapor deposition methods have been used to fabricate strontium titanate thin films. Within the binary phase diagram of SrO and TiO 2 the stoichiometry ranges from Ti rich to Sr rich, respectively. The crystallization of these amorphous SrTiO 3 layers is investigated by in situ grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction using synchrotron(More)
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