Hartmut Schroder

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Modern consumer television sets need a high quality format conversion, image enhancement, and artifact reduction. Especially artifacts due to block based coding schemes may degrade image quality and make artifact reduction mandatory. A promising approach to high quality filter design is given by formulating the filter task via a variational problem and use(More)
In this paper the potential improvements by temporal coding artifact reduction are discussed. Whereas conventional spatial methods may suffer from flicker in the processed output due to variable intra frame processing or insufficient removal of coding artifacts, the temporal strategies are capable of flicker reduction and even re-establishment of details(More)
HDTV flat panel displays are now available in many living rooms. However, a huge amount of video is still in standard definition format or has even a lower resolution and may suffer from severe coding artifacts. Displaying all this video on panels with high resolution grids makes methods mandatory which can significantly improve the video quality. Iterative(More)
This paper describes a new method for motion deblurring on hold-type displays which applies a synthetically generated motion adaptive detail signal to pre-emphasize the frames of a moving image sequence before displaying. In contrast to the motion compensated inverse filtering (MCIF), the new approach ensures a controllable processing in edge areas with(More)
A major challenge in video processing is handling input material with completely different quality levels (e.g. WebTV and HDTV). For low-quality content especially coding artifacts should be strongly reduced to achieve an acceptable output quality. This paper focuses on the reduction of staircase and ringing artifacts utilizing adaptive directional(More)
Handling input content ranging from low resolution and highly compressed internet streams up to high definition video is a challenging task for modern flat panel TVs. Considering that the consumer is accustomed to HD content, superior processing is mandatory especially for low bit-rate video with very low quality. In this paper, we describe a novel(More)
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